Episode # 41

Meathead Manners, Traps Growin’ Out Your Ears & Static Stretching Fears!

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Released on December 10, 2015

Joe starts this weeks show with a unique lesson in etiquette, aka, “meathead manners”.  After his etiquette rant is complete, he discusses the following training topics: 


  • Can you replace straight bar deadlifts with trap bar deadlifts?
  • Best supplemental lifts to compliment the trap bar deadlift
  • Why nobody gives a sh*t about “how much you shrug”!
  • How to tell if you’re a “chickenhead shrugger” [and what to do about it]
  • Top 3 mistakes people make when training traps [and how to fix them]
  • The shrug variation that Joe loves…but you’re probably not doing
  • Joe D’s favorite [non shrug] exercises for developing powerful traps
  • The TRUTH behind the research study that scared everyone [besides Joe D.] away from static stretching


I’m not scared!  🙂

  • Why the negative over-reaction to static stretching is not “fair”
  • The ONE THING that Joe D. feels will always trump the scientific research
  • Why it took so long for Joe D. to come out of the “static stretching closet” 
  • How to effectively incorporate static stretching into your pre-game routine [without putting your CNS to sleep]

Plus much, Much MORE! 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. The meathead manners is so spot on! Does not matter if you are the strongest guy on the planet if you are a Dick. No one will ever remember anyone else’s personal record. However they will remember how you made them feel.
    I work in a testosterone driven type “A” organization with 500 guys. When someone retires nobody ever remembers the work they did. The only thing they care about was if the guy was cool.
    Your opening rant was awesome. Thanks for having the balls to say what is true!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the start of this weeks show! Great message. Here’s a show suggestion: I’m not opposed to you starting every show with a 10-15min rant that teaches a life lesson. I think I speak for many of your listeners when I say this. You are a great storyteller coach. And you always teach valuable lessons. Just a thought. Thanks for another amazing podcast.

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