Episode # 372

MindPump Co-Host Justin Andrews Talks High School Football Training w/ Joe D!

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Released on June 3, 2022


0:00 – Show intro

1:50 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

11:50 – Joe gets “cursed by the technology Gods” [once again!]

14:30Justin Andrews joins the show | Podcast begins…

15:45 – Is MindPump planning ahead for ‘harder financial times’?

18:40 – How MindPump is getting into Real Estate

22:30 – What lead Justin to coaching high school football?

31:20 – Biggest differences (and similarities) between training high school kids vs adult clients

34:50 – The 2 aspects of training Justin focussed on [the most] when he first took over the S&C program

41:00 – How Justin built “buy in” & kept things “fun” without sacrificing the integrity of his program

49:55 – How/Why Joe changed his views on “vanity training” for his football players

53:25 – Justin’s GO-TO “low-risk/high-reward” movements

1:00:25 – The benefits of jumping UPHILL

1:05:10 – How Justin structures his warm-ups

1:12:00 – The differences in personalities & social interactions w/ kids today vs when Justin & Joe were in school

1:23:55 – Old men complaining segment :))


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Joey D,

    You need a premium zoom account. The latest update only allows 40 minute calls on free accounts (even with only 2 people on the call). Great Podcast!

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