Episode # 304

My Opinion on Tom Brady’s Training, Writing Programs for Combat Athletes based on their “Fight Style”… and More!

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Released on February 11, 2021


1:00 – Show intro | Joe addresses his [embarrassing] Super Bowl prediction from last week

11:05 – Is there a way to include a “scoring system” into the AMPED Movement Screen?

23:30 – Does Joe prefer spaghetti or lasagna? Meatballs or meat sauce?

26:35 – Does Joe take an athlete’s weight class & “fight style” into consideration when designing training programs for fighters?

1:00:05 – What does Joe think of Tom Brady’s training [and his trainer’s claim that, “training with bands makes muscles softer and more pliable?”]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Nice job with the Tom Brady podcast. I’ve asked you a few times about my daughters’ training. In the future would you think about doing some videos for young girls/boys training (8-12 year olds). Also some ACL tears prevention training for girls. Thanks

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