Episode # 223

Creating New & Improved Football Conditioning Tests!

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Released on July 11, 2019

0:00 – Show intro / overview

9:30 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

13:20 – Joe goes off on a rant regarding another negative experience he had w/ Sprint

                                 The meeting of the minds…

27:50Football conditioning talk begins!

33:00 – Where do you start when designing a conditioning test?

36:10 – The total distances (and speed intensities) covered by each position during an American football game

46:20 – Accounting for the total number of collisions experienced by each position

50:15 – Joe recalls the most effective & least effective conditioning methods from his high school football playing days

54:00 – Accounting for all the non-physical “layers” of the game that contribute to fatigue

56:40 – The New England Patriots conditioning tests

1:01:00 – Suggestions for improving the New England Patriots conditioning tests

1:03:00 – Methods of progressing your conditioning drills

1:05:20 – Putting it all together [Cam & Joe begin to provide examples of better football conditioning tests]

1:09:15 – Joe provides his favorite conditioning test for lineman

1:11:30 – The value of conditioning lineman “against resistance”

1:14:45 – Quick podcast recap/summary


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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