Episode # 205

NFL Combine Talk, Heavy Sled Pushes/Pulls & Joe D’s “Nutrition Priority Pyramid”!

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Released on March 7, 2019


1:30 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Mark Bell’s Slingshot 

8:00 – Joe begins to give his thoughts on the NFL Combine & DK Metcalf’s body fat %

14:15 – Joe comments on DK Metcalf’s 40, vertical jump, bench press & shuttle runs

21:55 – The relationship between the 40-yard dash & the 20-yard shuttle

25:45 – Joe reads Question #1

33:30 – Is there a difference between pushing a sled (in front of you) vs pulling/dragging a sled (behind you)?

38:50 – How heavy should you go when performing “heavy ass sled drags”?

40:35 – The #1 mistake people make when performing “HASD’s”

45:35 – How “HASD’s” improve acceleration technique

51:25 – Joe reads Question #2

55:45 – Joe begins to explain his “Nutrition Priority Pyramid”

59:15 – Recommendation for daily water consumption

1:02:30 – Daily caloric intake for various goals

1:07:00 – Why Joe’s been eating most of his carbs at night (and why it hasn’t made him fat)


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  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Would love a whole episode on sled. I dont care all that much about having a faster 40, but it is my all time favorite conditioning, fat burning finisher. Also great on leg day if I’m not feeling loading up my spine with a barbell.

  2. Yes please do a sled drag podcast on speed please. I believe that it get you faster and stringer because Mike alstott and peyton hillis pushed vehicles and they were tanks running the ball.

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