Episode # 43

No Pain, No Gain? [The Truth About Muscle Soreness]

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Released on December 24, 2015

In this special Christmas edition of the Industrial Strength Show, Joe shares a holiday story and then answers 3 questions from his listeners. Those 3 questions include: 


#1 (11:50) – Will eating whole eggs increase your cholesterol levels and negatively affect your health? 



#2 (25:05) – Is muscular soreness an appropriate indicator of a good workout/progress?



#3 (41:05) – What does Joe D. want for Christmas [and what’s his favorite Christmas movie?] 



I hope all of you have a healthy and happy holiday! I truly appreciate everyone’s amazing support during my first year as a podcaster. The #IndustrialStrengthShow has become a powerhouse in the podcasting world [virtually overnight] because of YOU guys. For that, I thank you.  


-Joe D. 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe,
    Thanks for being a man of your word and delivering on the the promise to stay on track to broadcast 52 consecutive shows. I was in attendance at your SWIS conference talk and want to thank you for making the trip north. I was the person who sent Ashley the photo of you in action during your presentation.
    I am currently recovering from major ankle surgery which has given me the opportunity to get caught up on all your podcasts. Some warranted a re-listen for sure. You always deliver on the content and I always come away with numerous “nuggets” that are useable and practical for daily use.

    Hamilton, Ont. Cananda

  2. Joe – I just wanted to express how much I appreciate your efforts. Another great show, and on xmas no less. Wishing nothing but the best for you and your beautiful family during this holiday season. Thanks for the inspiration. -Rob

  3. Lmao at RUN DMC at the end of the show!! I laughed so hard that was awesome. Joe’s got great taste in music. And his explanation of muscular soreness was on point, very informative. Another great show, thanx for taking the time to do it for us Joe.

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