Episode # 365

Popular Exercises That Suck…(And What To Do Instead)

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Released on April 14, 2022


0:55 – Show intro

7:30 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Magic Spoon 

13:45 – Joe reads a DM from a listener [which prompts today’s main show topic]…
9 Exercises That Suck (And What To Do Instead)

20:00 – Upright Rows

25:10 – Kipping Pull-ups

34:40 – Standing External Rotations [w/ dumbbells or weight plates]

39:00 – “Rolling” Shrugs

42:00 – Burpees

49:55 – Combo Lunge/Biceps Curl

55:05 – Long Duration Planks

58:20 – Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdowns

1:02:40 – Plate Pushes


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Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Hi Coach!

    First of all thanks a lot for all what you´re doing, I love it. I listen to your podcast every week and I´m a CPPS Coach(Level 1 and 2).
    Loved your latest podcast as well! I didn´t agree 100% when you said a lunge to shoulder press(for example) is an exercise that sucks…you forgot that IT DEPENDS!!!
    If you doing it as a part of a contralateral circuit(from Cal Dietz), then it´s an amazing exercise exactly for the reason that you mentioned later: the heart has to pump blod to let´s say into the right leg and left arm/shoulder. That means you don´t need a ton of weight and you don´t have to work your a** off and you get an awesome aerobic training effect! Check out Cal´s Contralateral Circuit if you not familiar with it!

    Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work!
    Hope to see you one day and have a chat!
    take care, Gabor

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