Episode # 70

How To Prevent Injury, Benefits of “Med Ball Volleyball”, Home Gym Essentials & More!

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Released on July 14, 2016

Joe starts this weeks podcast by sharing some stories from last weekend’s DVD shoot and the impact it had on #OperationRebuildJoeD. He then answers a few of the audience’s questions.



1:00 – Joe thanks the audience for their iTunes reviews and announces this weeks Fat Gripz winner

4:10 – Joe talks about this weekend’s DVD shoot and how it affected his #OperationRebuildJoeD goals

22:15 – Joe’s favorite max-effort exercises for wrestlers

31:30 – The benefits of “med ball volleyball”

                                                        The DeFranco Family home gym

40:40 – The single best thing you can do to prevent injury

45:35 – The best rep range if you’re looking to improve strength AND aesthetics

51:50 – What it means to “work up” to a max set

57:30 – The risk and benefit of performing “core activation” exercises in your warm-up

62:50 – Joe gives his list of essential equipment for your home gym


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Mitch – First of all, THANK U for the kind words and your support…. My advice to you would be to get our entire DVD series (you’ll see the link for the “Complete Athletic Development System” on my JOE RECOMMENDS page). That’ll keep you busy for a little while 🙂 It will also give you a nice foundation of knowledge regarding “my” style of training. During the days/weeks that you’re reviewing those DVD’s and manuals, go thru all of my free youtube videos, continue listening to the podcast, etc. (You’ll actually get even more out of my podcast and my youtube videos once you have a deeper understanding of the “method behind the madness” lol.) Then, when you’re ready, the DeFranco Insider is the “icing on the cake” that will keep you motivated and up-to-date on all the latest training techniques for the rest of your life. Hope this helped!!

  2. joe,

    I discovered your podcast a short while ago and I have been blazing through the episodes, taking notes of everything. The information you deliver is a game changer! I have learned more about training by listening to this podcast in the last 2 months than I ever did in school. Not only is your podcast delivering knowledge bombs left and right, but it is also highly motivating for myself in both my training and the business side of training. Which leads me into my question. I would like to buy some of your books, become a Defranco insider and a CPPS coach. However, I do not have the funds to do all of this at the moment. I wanted to get your thoughts on what would be the best option. Should I just buy books and dig into those? Or would I be better of becoming an insider? Thanks and keep up the great work on the podcast! I have been recommending it to everyone I work with! My goal is to hopefully make it to the CPPS certification in Austin this September.

    P.S: That good culture cottage cheese is money.. Just tried it today.

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