Episode # 45

Preventing Hamstring Pulls & The TRUTH About Fasted Morning Cardio!

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Released on January 7, 2016

In this first episode of 2016, Joe D. discusses two hot training topics! First he reveals five of his tried & true methods for drastically reducing an athlete’s probability of pulling a hamstring. Then, he reveals the truth behind the fat-burning effects of cardio being performed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 

Will you reach your fat-burning goals faster by performing your cardio in a “fasted” state…or is it a bunch of fitness industry hype?  


Episode #Timestamps…

02:20 – Joe talks about some of his goals/plans for the podcast for 2016 and how YOU can help make the show even better

09:45 – Joe reads the 1st question of the day pertaining to hamstring pulls

12:55 – Joe shares a personal story about one of his athlete’s pulling a hamstring and the valuable lesson he learned from it. [If you train athletes for the NFL Combine you must listen to this story.]

19:20 – Joe begins to list and explain his Top 5 tips for preventing hamstring pulls…

41:20 – Joe reveals his “special treat” for the audience…… HE’S BAAAAAACK!!

                                                          Yup, he’s STILL pissed!

47:10 – Joe reads the 2nd question of the day pertaining to the fat-burning effects of empty-stomach morning cardio

51:30 – Joe has a brief flashback of his days taking the caffeine/ephedrine/aspirin stack before cardio (and feeling like he could solve all the world’s problems lol……until the stack wore off! 🙂 )

55:25 – Joe explains the theory behind “fasted morning cardio”

58:20 – Joe’s final thoughts regarding the effectiveness of  fasted morning cardio vs. cardio later in the day


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe,
    Thanx again for this great poscast!
    I want to train my hamstrings more, but with the excersises on your youtube channel i have 2 problems.
    – i have a grind floor so, a towel or furnature sliders wont work.
    – i dont know what to use to perform natural glute ham raises, and want to perform by myself. (even the closet lifted when performing them)

    Hope you have tips to get this done.

  2. This is a very timely episode with the information on training for the combine. One of our guys just found out they’re starting a professional gridiron league in Australia, and they’re running the combine in March. Obviously prepping guys for the NFL combine doesn’t come up much down here, and so it was awesome to get some advice straight from the source. Thanks, Joe.

    We also just bought your combine prep book, and we’ll be implementing it into his training. The aim is for him to dominate every other linesman on the day.

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