Episode # 206

Sled/Prowler Training Guidelines for EVERY Goal!

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Released on March 14, 2019


0:05 – Joe gives a quick recap from his weekend in Seattle

7:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm® Active

12:10 – Sled/Prowler Training podcast begins…

18:00 – How Joe uses the sled to increase strength

32:10 – How Joe uses the sled for hypertrophy gains

47:20 – How Joe uses the sled to increase sprinting speed 

1:08:40 – How Joe uses the sled as a conditioning & fat loss tool

1:24:50 – How Joe uses the sled to speed up the recovery process & decrease soreness


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great stuff. Love the focus on functional training! I think you guys would LOVE the newest sled…it’s called The Finisher FlipSled. Here is the link https://www.thefinisher.com/

    I think you and your team would absolutely love using this piece of equipment, and I think it fits well into your training philosophy.

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