Episode # 318

Sneaky Tricks for “Shoulder-Friendly” Barbell Benching, Overrated/Underrated Returns & More!

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Released on May 20, 2021


1:10 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

3:15 – Show preview

4:30 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor – BlueChew

8:50Podcast begins…

13:40 – Joe reads a follow-up question [from last week’s show] regarding “shoulder-friendly” barbell benching

18:40Joe’s Top 5 “Sneaky Tricks” For Those Who Still Want to [barbell] Bench Heavy – Without the Shoulder Damage That’s Normally Associated With It!

41:50Overrated/Underrated segment begins!

43:25 – “Functional Training”

46:00 – Chest Flyes

47:55 – Hook Grip

45:05 – Watching newly released movies at home vs in the theatre

51:20 – Eating immediately after your workout

53:50 – Bodybuilding for athletes

57:05 – Back squats

58:50 – Bacon

1:03:00 – RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset)

1:06:25 – McGill’s Big 3

1:10:20 – Slow concentric training for strength gains

1:11:50 – Weekends, ie, Saturday’s & Sunday’s

1:17:20 – Salt

1:19:45 – John Riggins

1:22:40 – Mass Specific Force


  • BlueChew Promo Code: DEFRANCO
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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Dear Joe, I am a 56 year old woman, and have been workking out with a wonderful trainer for 2 years(shout out to Jason R!). I have listened to your podcast now for a year and have learned so much from you. I love how your podcast “classes” reinforce what I learn in the gym from my personal trainer. You stuff keeps me on track with nutrition/sleep/supplements and stretching. Love your positive message, even for the over 50 group!

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