Episode # 92

The Formula for Prosperity w/ Super Bowl Champ Steve Weatherford

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Released on December 22, 2016

This week, Joe sits down with former NFL punter turned fitness entrepreneur Steve Weatherford! 



1:00Steve Weatherford interview begins…

3:10 – The hilarious story of when Steve got kicked out of Planet Fitness!

19:00 – Steve recalls his first experience of walking into an NFL locker room

26:15 – Steve talks about dealing with adversity (in the NFL and in life) weatherford-curls

33:00 – The story of how Steve signed with the NY Giants

38:50 – Why Steve decided to retire from the NFL at the peak of his career

46:00 – Steve’s 4-step formula for Prosperity 

49:25 – Joe & Steve talk about “the great equalizer” of WORK ETHIC

53:05 – Steve discusses Work:Life balance

55:15 – Why money doesn’t always equal happiness

58:50 – The importance of taking care of your body

65:20 – Steve shares the analogy – “Life is like squats”

68:50 – Steve talks Arm Training & his new ebook #ARMageddon

84:00 – Find out where to follow Steve on social media


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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