Episode # 60

Story Time with Joe D.

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Released on May 5, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe takes a trip down memory lane and shares 4 DeFranco’s Gym stories that have never been told publicly. [FULL DISCLOSURE: This podcast was recorded for entertainment purposes only. Unlike our 59 previous episodes, this show does not have much educational value. It’s just a bunch of random, funny stories.]  Don’t say we didn’t warn ya 🙂 



10:30 Ashley has no shame [makes athlete sign medical release AFTER breaking his face]



31:50The story behind Enzo Amore’s “DeFranco’s Training Systems” tattoo



55:25 – TALK SH*T, GET HIT! [Find out what happens when you call Frankie Ferrara a “pus*y”]



73:20Joe disguises himself as an NFL scout to help an athlete at his Pro Day 🙂




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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe d you are a gr8 story teller. U had me laughing my a** off lol. And being a wrestling fan I really enjoyed hearing the full story behind enzo’s tattoo. That was really cool. I just hope i don’t have to wait another 60 episodes for the next storytime podcast. Gr8 show!!

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