Episode # 167

The 8 Blood Tests You MUST Monitor for Your Health & Longevity [w/ Dr. Tom Bilella]

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Released on June 7, 2018


1:00 – Show intro / overview

6:55 – Joe makes an announcement regarding the CPPS Football Preparation Specialist online course

9:20 – Dr. Tom joins the show…

“Standard blood work is about as good as a screen door in a submarine.” -Dr. Tom Bilella

12:25 – Dr. Tom & Joe talk about Paul Reddick and the 567 Academy

18:15 – Dr. Tom shares some new research regarding magnesium & vitamin D

21:45 – Joe & Dr. Tom talk about the importance of supplementing w/ magnesium

25:40 – The benefits of supplementing w/ vitamin D

32:00 – The 8 non-negotiable blood tests you must demand your doctor to order! 

40:35 What causes low “free testosterone”?

44:50 – Dr. Tom reads two [life-changing] listener testimonials

49:30 – Dr. Tom reviews a real-life “case study”

58:00 – Dr. Tom does an impromptu Instagram Q&A

1:01:05 – The truth about intermittent fasting!

1:03:45 – Is Dr. Tom still Ashley DeFranco’s healthcare coach?

1:08:00 – Joe & Dr. Tom extend “Muscle-Up Monday” for an entire week! [See link below]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Really great, definitely asking for these tests on my next well visit.

    Keep up the good work man, love the podcast and the quality information you provide

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