Episode # 401

The Best Way To Program Cardio for Fat Loss, The Secrets to Preventing Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow & More!

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Released on January 5, 2023


1:00 – Show intro

1:25 – Joe talks about his recent PRP injection

6:35 – Joe’s Top 3 “silent elbow killers” [Being aware of these can help you avoid elbow pain altogether]

26:50 – Most effective treatments for tennis/golfer’s elbow

33:40 – The best way to program cardio for fat loss

43:55 – Joe’s current cardio protocol

47:55 – How to approach your nutrition, strength training & cardio [in order to feel as good as you look]

51:55 – Joe shares his thoughts on the “Bana 2:1 Method”


1:07:20 – “MuscleUp2023” supplement sale reminder!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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