Episode # 259

The COVID-19 ‘Silver Lining’ That Athletes/Coaches Are Overlooking, Best Pre-Workout Snacks & More!

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Released on March 26, 2020


0:00 – Show intro

6:10 – CPPS Online Certification Sale/Announcement! [Coupon Code: STAYHOME]

8:50 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Personna Razors

13:20Podcast / Q&A begins…

16:10 – Joe Top 3 favorite movies & wrestlers of all time

24:05 – Joe’s favorite (easy-to-prepare) pre-workout snacks

33:50 – Supplement recommendations when going on vacation/traveling

41:40 – How to get your stubborn arms to grow

55:10 – How to replace using the prowler if your gym doesn’t have the space for it

59:35 – Joe asks the audience for new DeFranco merch recommendations

1:02:00 – RANT ALERT: Joe explains why he’s pissed at Jet Blue Airlines!

1:09:40 – The 4 main physical characteristics that washed-up meatheads should be prioritizing

1:26:45 – The COVID-19 ‘silver lining’ that athletes & coaches are overlooking

1:41:15 – Best & Worst part of being quarantined at home with family


  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
  • Personna Razors JOEDSHOW
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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Loved the show Joe!! You really gave me, as a high school football player going to play with the big boys in university next year, a little extra motivation! Can’t wait for next week!

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