Episode # 320

The No-Cardio Way to Burn Fat & Age-Proof Your Body w/ MindPump Co-Host Sal Di Stefano!

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Released on June 3, 2021


0:00 – Show preview

3:00“MuscleUpJune” Supplement Sale Announcement!

5:30 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – AZUNA FRESH

9:25Sal Di Stefano joins the show | Podcast begins…

14:05 – “Sounding smart” vs “Being EFFECTIVE”

16:40 – What made Sal decide to write a book

21:00 – Why most people’s perception of exercise [and its value] is completely wrong!

25:40 – Strength training vs cardiovascular training for heart health

28:00 – Is the MindPump crew “ANTI-Cardio”?!

40:05 – Is it possible to “tone” a muscle?

42:10 – Why women don’t need to worry about getting “too big” or “bulky” from resistance training

49:35 – Why resistance training is the single best form of exercise

54:10 – Biggest strength training mistakes [which prevent most people from achieving their goals]

1:05:35 – Sal’s favorite Rocky [movie] moment


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Thanks for listening!

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  1. G’day Joe.

    Firstly, thankyou for the endless amount of great information you’re constantly putting out there, your no-bullshit, keep it simple approach to training is EXACTLY what’s needed in this industry that’s full of no-credibility, bullshit spouting, social media whores, if more people just listened to your words of wisdom, backed by years of actually being in the trenches doing the hard yards, there’d definitely be a lot more strong bastards out there!

    I’m a 45 year old firefighter and these days my training is based around prolonging my career with exercises that offer the most bang for buck, while also providing good carry-over for the tasks I may need to perform in my job, and for that reason, I’m a huge fan of sled work, and you’re my go-to guy when it comes to anything sled related.

    I have a great home gym setup and now do 99% of my training there, the ONLY reason I still have a membership at my local gym is because they have a prowler type sled with a 25m artificial turf track, which is where I do my sled work. I also have a small drag sled at home which I like to take down to the local athletic field to do various forward, backward and lateral drags, but of course it’s just a drag sled and has no vertical handles, so I can’t actually do any pushing. My question is this, what are the main differences (in terms of biomechanics, muscles involved, etc.) between *pushing* a sled forward, and *dragging* it forward, either with the strap held behind your body with straight outstretched arms, or the strap attached around your waist? Can I ditch my gym membership and just do all my sled work with the drag sled, or does pushing the sled offer important benefits that can’t be replicated by dragging it, in which case I’d probably buy myself a small prowler style sled to replace my drag only one?

    I really look forward to your podcast every week and it’s always a talking point at work with my mate who’s one of your Insider members, you’ve had a very positive impact on at least 2 people’s lives, that I can vouch for!


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