Episode # 32


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Released on October 8, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe reveals the single biggest factor affecting strength & hypertrophy gains, respectively. While listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How two meatheads arguing at Home Depot contributed to this podcast 🙂
  • The unlikely programs that produced the best hypertrophy gains of Joe’s life [and how YOU can benefit from them too]
  • The [weird] “side effect” that happened to Joe the very first time he implemented Louie Simmons’ “Westside” template


  • Why the best “program” is the one that you’re currently NOT on
  • Why you should approach your strength training the same way you’d approach learning a foreign language
  • How & Why Joe feels the max-effort method is the superior method for developing strength


  • The best way to improve intramuscular & intermuscular coordination and the profound effect they have on your strength
  • The Top 3 techniques used to increase strength without having to train “heavy” [90% and above]

All this plus much, Much MORE! 


*Listening to this episode will prevent you from making the common mistakes that result in most athletes and lifters “chasing their tail” in the gym. If you’re someone who truly cares about your training, you will love [and appreciate] the information provided in this weeks show.


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great podcast once again Joe and sorry for getting away from the topic but i just became a Defranco Insider and i have some struggles with the Forum.When i add a topic I’m not sure if anyone is seeing it because i don’t get a reply.Is it because it needs time to get into things or I’m doing something wrong?And also I’m thinking of purchasing the Strength DVD to perfect my lifts and movement and my Q is after the Strength DVD which Dvd should i purchase.Thank you for everything Joe.

  2. Freddy – The wait is almost over! (Depending on when you read this, the wait may be over already :)) And I must say…you will NOT be disappointed. The SB911 ebook is SICK!! We’re so pumped to finally expose the rest of the world to this incredible program! There’s gonna be a lot of “strong bastards” walking around pretty soon.

    Shawn – LOL! I’m glad so many people got a good laugh at the beginning of the show. Maybe I could get Vito & “Joey” on a future episode. If I ever run into them again at Home Depot I will (seriously) invite them on the show…the Industrial Strength Nation would LOVE it lol!!

  3. You had me cracking up so hard at the start of this episode. I could listen to a full podcast of just your commentary on Vito and Joey Bagudonitz!

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