Episode # 335

The ONE THING That Had The Biggest Impact on My Recent Bloodwork

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Released on September 16, 2021


0:10 – Joe introduces today’s [new] sponsor – MANSCAPED™

6:30Podcast begins…

7:00 – Joe provides an update on the “COVID situation” in the DeFranco household

16:40 – Joe begins sharing the results of his most recent bloodwork

46:20 – Joe begins sharing the results of his most recent [InBody] body composition analysis

56:55 – The ONE THING that had the biggest impact on Joe’s bloodwork

59:40 – Why being BIG [even if it’s mostly “fat-free” mass] isn’t usually the healthiest thing for you

1:03:25 – Joe talks about the new T-Nation article, “The Reason So Many Bodybuilders Die Early”

1:11:20 – Joe revisits Philip Maffetone’s research and his “One-Minute Bodyfat Test”

1:18:05 – Joe’s list of top behaviors for burning belly fat


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Thanks for listening!

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