Episode # 435

The WORST Way To Warm Up, How To “PR” on Every Set, Programming Drop-sets & More!

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Released on September 7, 2023


0:00 – Show intro

2:25MuscleUpSeptember supplement sale announcement!

3:35 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Rhone

8:05Podcast officially begins…

12:40 – Joe shares a crazy story of the encounter he had with two criminals who invaded his property and stole his daughter’s bikes this past weekend! [WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]

45:50 – The WORST & BEST Way to Warm Up Before Squatting

1:01:00 – The Best Way to Program Drop-sets [for those looking to get jacked!]

1:14:45 – Should You Strive to PR Every Time You Step into the Gym?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Just listened to your crazy story… complete bullshit they weren’t arrested. I promise you, if you were in Florida, we would of arrested the adult and the juvenile… unbelievable. It’s crazy to hear how lacks some places are one serious crimes

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