Episode # 102

Think Less & DO More!

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Released on March 2, 2017

Joe D. shares a story about a young lifter he met at Whole Foods and the lessons he learned from their conversation! 



1:00 – Joe thanks the audience for their 5-Star iTunes reviews & Badass BCAA’s support 

15:55 – The back story behind today’s podcast topic

20:45 – Joe shares the details of the conversation he had with “Joe from Whole Foods” and the lessons he took away from that conversation

61:30 – Show conclusion [Save $ on Badass BCAA’s, CPPS Online Registration information & future guest(s) announcement!] 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe, I love what you’re saying here, man! I’m a southern Bergen County rooted, strength coach out here in San Diego, grinding away with 70-80 hour work weeks like all strength coaches running a business do. I often find myself getting frustrated and suffering from podcast FOMO (fear of missing out) because of my lack of time. This podcast has just soothed the mind!
    I feel like our industry is heading in a direction of over analyzing both movement and training. I personally spent three years traveling down the DNS rabbit hole…There is a time and place for regressions and corrections, but it can’t be everything! I personally lost two hard years and gained “injuries” during training after discovering “poor movement patterns” that I have. We need to get back to going out there and doing and grinding, rather than all the worrying.
    Love the knowledge man!

  2. Joe D, Love the podcast and your work. Thank you! That being said I gotta get something off of my chest. You are killing me bro, killing me! I faithfully listen to your podcast every week and lately every week I have to hear about the Joe D kick ass supplement line. The supplements sound amazing. I make a mental list of all your supplements that I want to order. Then I remember that I don’t live in the United States. Please Joe, PLEASE help this supplement starved semi-washed up Canadian strength coach get some Bad-ass BCAA’s/Lean Kreatine and whatever the hell else you and Dr. Tom come up with in the lab.

    Michael Stewart

  3. Thanks so much for this podcast. I needed to hear it. I’ve been over-analyzing the programming when my real problem is putting together more than a couple of weeks of consistent training. I’m sure there are many guys like me for whom this podcast will serve as a mirror.

  4. Kyle – Appreciate the feedback, brother. (Sounds like this podcast came at a perfect time for ya :))
    Let me know what your wife thinks about using the Badass BCAA’s as a natural alternative to flavored waters..

  5. Recovering ‘overanalyzer’ here, listened to your podcost on the way to/from the gym. I’m coming back from a lingering knee issue and shoulder/bicep surgery; analyzing (probably too much) has allowed me to stay mentally ‘in the game’ as I recover. That said, I think the research has taken on a life of its own; great timing on the article as I have been working to take more physical action for my recovery rather than trying to program the most bang for my buck lifts for progress. Struggling safely and getting out of my comfort zone has done more in a few weeks than writing a thousand programs i don’t stick to.

    Perhaps we should remind other analyzers about the neurological benefits of high frequency training/practice 🙂 (aka stop reading and start doing).

    Tried my ‘Badass BCAAs’ this morning, i don’t know if it was m workout or what but I have a legit pump going and had energy to push through it all. The flavor is spot on and doesn’t have a chemical aftertaste; I’m talking to my dietitian wife about it to see about using it as an alternative to flavored waters (also anti catabolic, boom) for patient populations like the guru had mentioned

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