Episode # 317

Top 5 Things Lifters Can Do To Avoid Shoulder Surgery, Slant Board Misconceptions & More!

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Released on May 13, 2021


0:00 – Show intro

1:00 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

2:45 – Garage Gym Godfathers seminar recap/news

6:00CPPS Level 1 [IN-PERSON] Course Announcement!!

11:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – AZUNA FRESH

14:55 – Quick show preview

16:30 – Podcast begins…

18:35 – TOPIC #1: Slant Board Training Confusion/Misconceptions

35:10 – TOPIC #2: Top 5 Things Lifters Can Do To Avoid Shoulder Surgery

1:00:50 – TOPIC #3: Rest Interval Guidelines When Sprinting

1:08:10 – TOPIC #4: Incorporating Linear Progressions/Progressive Overload Within a Conjugate System


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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Dear Joe, there is another question i have 😀. Last i was listening to podcast with a biomecanic Doug Brignole. He said that for example it is bad to do shoulder external rotation with arm horizontally abducted. It could and would overtime strain your infraspinatus. And the function for this muscle is not to external rotate in that position because it doesn’t bring the origine to the insertion. it is placed in very vulberable position and the exercise is twisting the muscle instead. But with lots of exercise, which suposted to be good for shoulderhealth, it is placed like that. For example YWT with bands or cable, facepull with W extension…. What are your thoughts? KR Jonas

  2. Dear Joe, i do have some questionsabout this podcast. You mention about a 2:1 ratio pull-push. Also a 1:1 ratio push with schoulder blades fixed and moving schoulder blades. This for the seratus muscle. The seratus muscle is also a kind of push muscle. My question is, if you do isolated seratus push through, is this concidered a push exercise and therefore the 2:1 ratio applicable? I understand that the seratus is also very much in use with the overhead press, can the overhead be used as the 1:1 ratio? And is the 2:1 ratio only applicable for push internal rotation (chest) or also overhead press (shoulders). KR

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