Episode # 144

How to Train Pain-Free Forever

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Released on December 21, 2017


1:20 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Kumho Tires

4:15 – Show overview

Performing isolation movements at the beginning of your workout can help “protect” your joints by increasing blood flow and making “light weights feel heavy” later in your workout.

14:45 – Alternating “high CNS stress” workouts with “low CNS stress” workouts

17:30 – Organizing a 4-day split to allow for more recovery time

21:40 – Bringing back Joe Weider’s “Pre-Fatigue Principle”

26:45 – Various methods for making “light weights feel heavy”

33:00 – The benefits of training sub-maximally

39:00 – Joe goes off on a pre-workout stimulant tangent then gives a plug to Four Sigmatic

50:00 – Reducing the amount of direct spinal loading in your program

55:45 – Incorporating more sled/prowler work into your program

59:15 – “Pulling” vs “Pressing” exercise ratio guidelines 

63:00 – Joe’s best piece of advice regarding your warm-up

67:15 – 4 things that Joe feels everyone should do daily

70:15 – Deload recommendations

73:00 – Show Conclusion: Joe announces his current supplement sale & iTunes review contest


  • Kumho Tires
  • Four Sigmatic Discount Code: JOED
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Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Hi Joe. I appreciated this podcast as a recently-turned 40-year-old. Two follow-up questions I had:

    1. In terms of the High-Low sequencing, how would you fit interval/sprinting into the mix (e.g., would you not place it back-to-back with lower body strength training days, but is it OK back-to-back with upper body strength training days)?

    2. If given the choice long-term between consistently following a two-day/week upper body and one-day/week lower body strength training set-up (a la B2L or BLABA), versus following the SB911 rotation that you talked about in the podcast, is one option preferable over the other?

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