Episode # 121

Training For The 40-Yard Dash

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Released on July 13, 2017


1:00 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor – Blue Apron

Both Joe & Cameron have had tremendous success utilizing heavy resisted sprints with their athletes. Joe is seen here using the “EXER-GENIE” with Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing.

8:35 – Joe shares the backstory of today’s show

15:30 – Breaking down the 40-yard dash into 3 simple phases

22:50 – Joe gives some universal advice regarding the 40-yard dash stance/set-up

28:30 – Training for the 40 start (first 10 yards)

33:15 – Training for the first 20-30 yards

38:10 – Cameron discusses one of the biggest flaws he sees with upright / max velocity sprinting (and how to fix it)

46:45 – Training to improve max velocity, aka, “finishing strong”

51:55 – Joe shares his experience with overspeed training and football players

55:40 – Organizing the 3 phases of the 40 into a weekly plan (Cameron shares his current training template)

71:00 – Joe’s Closing Announcement(s)


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Thanks for listening!

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