Episode # 106

Triple H on Work Ethic, Making Sacrifices, and his New Training Regimen!

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Released on March 30, 2017



1:00 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements  [Use Discount Code “HHH10” to save 10% on ALL products]

12:50Triple H interview begins…

Triple H & Joe D. after their final workout before Wrestlemania

15:10 – The injuries that have plagued Triple H this past year

16:35 – Triple H talks about why/how he started using “Blood Flow Restriction Training”

25:40 – Triple H discusses the extra mobility he added to his training this year

29:50 – The “crazy invention” Triple H uses to help him get out of bed in the morning 🙂

34:00 – Joe & Triple H talk about “The Iron Neck” and the importance of strengthening your neck muscles

46:20 – Tips for eating clean while on the road

50:40 – Who inspires Triple H?

55:15 – Joe & Triple H discuss the mindset of successful people vs. unsuccessful people

60:40 – Triple H’s “secret” to keeping his energy high on very little sleep

62:45 – Making sacrifices for your passion

72:30 – How you should analyze and approach your weaknesses

79:25 – Joe asks Triple H a business question of his own


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Awww man!! You asked Triple H my question but got my name wrong!! Tim Gunn is a fashionista, Timm GUMM is the meathead from Omaha. THATS ME! Just busting your balls. Just hearing my question being asked was fucking amazing. Thank you, love the podcast!!
    Timm GUMM.

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