Episode # 159

How I Trained Triple H & Stephanie McMahon for WrestleMania 34

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Released on April 12, 2018


0:00 – Joe makes an announcement regarding the CPPS Academy

4:55 – For the first time in 2 YEARS, Orlando HITS THE DAMN INTRO MUSIC!  

6:00 – Podcast begins / Show overview

15:35 – Did Triple H get “bigger” this year?

21:00 – The most “surprising” change made to Triple H’s training this year

36:05 – Joe lays out Triple H’s weekly template

49:50 – Joe recaps the changes he initially made to Triple H’s upper back training when they first met

53:15 – Joe discusses the specific method he used this year to pack muscle on Triple H’s back & shoulders [without stressing his joints]

58:00 – How/why Triple H did more “medial delt” work this year

1:03:25 – Joe reveals some interesting statistics regarding Triple H’s “pressing volume” versus his  “pulling volume”

1:08:30 – How much bodyweight training does Triple H do?

1:110:45 – Joe gives a shoutout to Dave Palumbo

1:14:40 – The importance of Farmers Walks in Triple H’s programming

1:21:35 – The additional mobility training that was added this year

1:25:25 – Triple H’s preferred method of cardio

1:29:40 – Joe gives a brief overview of Steph’s weekly workout split

1:32:15 – Joe announces the NEW [exclusive] content that he’ll be adding to the DeFranco Insider next week!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  2. Great listen!

    Is this related to any of the templates available via ebook? I was doing great for about a year and now have what I think is a shoulder impingement, so I’m looking for something new to get me back into the swing of things.


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