Episode # 64

Hacking the Dynamic-Effort Method for Hypertrophy GAINZ?!

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Released on June 2, 2016

Joe begins this weeks show with a funny story connected to last weeks podcast. He then shares some details about his recent visit to Dr. Tom Bilella’s office. This leads into a discussion about the future of nutrition, disease prevention and “functional medicine”.

Joe dedicates the second half of the podcast to answering two hypertrophy-related questions.


SHOW #TIMESTAMPS      nails in tire

7:15 – Joe shares a funny story from his trip to Dr. Tom Bilella’s office last week

15:20 – Joe gives some insight regarding the changes he’ll be making to his diet and then speaks about the future of “personalized nutrition”, “functional medicine” and preventive care

24:55 – How come so many bodybuilders are so weak?

27:55 – Joe begins to explain the 2 different types of hypertrophy

35:15 – Does the dynamic-effort method have any place in a hypertrophy program?

42:35 – Joe shares his secret NFL Combine hack for the 225lb bench press test [warm-up]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Joe – two questions / topics- can you discuss the benefit of anti rotation exercises. Anti rotation seems to get some love from you and Smitty probably because it’s often neglected. Can you break down why anti rotation exercises are important and what are the negatives of ignoring them? Still a fan after over 60 episodes of your shenanigans. 2) I know you’re a UFC fan so thought you may have a view…Jon Jones did a lot of power lifting before he fought OSP. Do you know enough about his training to have an opinion on whether that hurt him? And why do so many great MMA fighters look like they never worked out a day in their life? Some are jacked but some are not at all. Is strength training just not that important for MMA?
    -Matt H, CPPS

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