Episode # 141

How to Create a Culture of ‘Badassery’ w/ the OG’s of Warehouse Gyms

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Released on November 30, 2017


1:00 – Joe introduces today sponsor – MVMT Watches

3:30 – Joe gives an overview of today’s show

9:00 – Joe talks about his new favorite coffee – Four Sigmatic

13:00Jason Ferruggia joins the show…   

16:00 – Joe reads a DM from a SB911 Transformation Challenge Top 20 Finalist

20:10 – The back story behind today’s show topic

24:55 – The benefits of training clients in groups

27:00 – Incorporating competitions within workouts

36:10 – The importance of NOT trying to appeal to everyone 

38:55 – The link between your personal development and the success of your business

42:40 – For the first time ever, Joe reveals the “beef” he and Jay had back in 2003!

50:45 – Jay shares a story of when one of his clients broke his “no cell phones in the gym” rule

52:45 – How to deal with uncomfortable conversations and situations

61:50 – The importance of community, connection & contribution

64:00 – Why sharing information will get you further in life (compared to “keeping information to yourself”)

74:50 – Rapid fire recap of today’s episode

82:30 – Would cell phones be allowed in Jay’s gym if he were starting over today?


  • Four Sigmatic Discount Code: JOED
  • MVMT Watches Discount Code: defranco
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. I may not own a gym, but i make sure that I create a community with my clients in the gym I work at and make it their third place.

    Thanks guys

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