Episode # 48

BROseph DeFranco vs “Real”Research – Static Stretching TRUTH Revealed!

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Released on January 28, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe discusses a recent NY Times article that revealed the “new” research on static stretching. Simply put, the “new” research finally supports what Joe has been practicing for over 20 years…



00:06:00 – Joe gives an overview of today’s show/topic

00:11:45 – Joe gives a summary of last week’s NY Times article that revealed the new research on static stretching

00:16:40 – Joe reviews how he personally incorporated static stretching [with great success] into his warm-ups back in 1999 when he was getting started in the personal training industry

00:20:30 – Joe gives examples of the template he uses when designing pre-game warm-ups for his NFL clients and other athletes


00:23:50 – Joe explains his [2-fold] reasoning for dedicating this entire podcast to static stretching

00:26:00 – Joe explains why/how he was “ahead of the research”…even at 11-years-old!

00:27:15 – Joe comes clean on why he chose to keep his mouth shut and be a “closet static stretcher” early in his career

00:30:30 – Joe’s PSA (Public Service Announcement) to Personal Trainers and Strength & Conditioning coaches

00:31:40 – Joe talks about his personal “research study” on the 10-yard sprint and why he’s confident “debating” (aka, talking sh*t) to track & field coaches who are much smarter than him

00:38:15 – Joe’s 5 guidelines for getting the most out of your static stretching [These guidelines will increase power output and decrease your potential of pulling a muscle]

01:08:00 – Joe makes a prediction on the next scientific research that will “catch up” with his BRO Science 🙂


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. ” Who cares what a bunch of nerds in lab coats have to say!” Thanks for the truth. If you are such a geek that you are worried about static stretching before training I would suggest video games as an safe alternative. Another great show thanks!!

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