Episode # 176

Cam Josse talks Social Media Addiction, Programming for Elite Athletes & More!

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Released on August 16, 2018


0:20 – FINAL CHANCE to register for CPPS Level 1 @ WWE Performance Center!

4:15 – Men & women’s tank tops still in stock…but not for long!   

10:30Cameron Josse joins the show!  

13:30 – Cam explains WHY he deleted all of his social media accounts

20:10 – How being off social media has affected Cam’s personal life

24:15 – Joe shares his thoughts on social media as it relates to business

28:00 – Some of the recent changes Cam’s made to his training

36:30 – How Cam coaches in the weight room vs. on the field/track

38:25 – The commonalities among elite athletes and “average Joe’s”

45:00 – Cam gives a detailed rundown of how he currently organizes his athlete’s weekly template

54:45 – Cam & Joe discuss speed volume

1:03:45 – Cam gives a preview of the book he’s writing with Fergus Connolly

1:12:15 – Cam announces his next speaking engagement


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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