Episode # 104

bELieve: Eric LeGrand interview

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Released on March 16, 2017

Eric LeGrand returns to the Industrial Strength Show to give an update on his rehab, talk about his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, and lots more!!! 



1:00 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – (B)STRONG 

Eric LeGrand will receive the Warrior Award at this years WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony

10:50Eric LeGrand interview begins… 

12:15 – Eric discusses his injury

14:00 – Eric talks about staying positive during the toughest time in his life

17:30 – Where did the phrase “bELieve” come from?

19:55 – Eric gives an update on his rehab

24:35 – How Eric deals with the redundant grind of rehab

29:00 – What’s an average week look like for Eric?

31:20 – The biggest accomplishment/coolest experience Eric has had since his injury

38:20 – Eric talks about walking again someday

41:45 – How Eric fits “visualization” into his daily life

45:45 – Eric’s mom joins the show to discuss the power of positivity

51:35 – Eric reveals that he will be the 3rd recipient of WWE’s “Warrior Award”

54:15 – Joe shares his side of the story [when he first found out Eric won the Warrior Award]

61:25 – Show Conclusion


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Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Wow, motivational. Catching up on shows after a few busy weeks.

    Compared to what? Hit me right in the feels. Truly ‘Industrial Strength’.

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