Episode # 157

George DeFranco Talks Training Longevity, Participation Trophies, Altercations on the Job & More!

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Released on March 22, 2018


1:00 – Show Intro / Overview

4:35 – George DeFranco returns to the Industrial Strength Show!

7:00 – What has recently been pissing George off?

            Would you threaten this man with a hammer??

10:50 – George’s current health/injury status

16:30 – What advice would George give his 18-year-old self?

25:20 – Joe talks about the importance of maintaining mobility as we age

30:35 – George’s current supplementation protocol

37:20 – George’s thoughts on “participation trophies” & how kids are being raised today

46:35 – Joe tells a funny story regarding his kindergarten “school picture” 🙂

49:05 – Joe provides context before George tells his State Police “war stories”

50:35 – WAR STORY #1: A crazy person shows up to the State Police barracks w/ a hammer & threatens to kill George

1:02:55 – WAR STORY #2: A man purposely floods the State Police bathroom so George makes him clean it up…with his face

1:13:10 – George talks about the importance of his “other half” (Lucy DeFranco)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. We are trying to reach George DeFranco. I served in the Army with him in Korea. If you know him please share this with him and ask him to contact me immediately. Thank you
    Richard Shemak… Ohio

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