Episode # 338

How Strong/Fit Are You?! [Try These 4 Simple Tests & Find Out]

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Released on October 7, 2021


0:05 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

3:30 – Joe introduces this week’s [new] sponsor – Four Sigmatic

8:40 – Podcast begins [Show overview/preview]

19:40 – The origin of Joe’s “Relative Strength Index”

26:10 – Goblet Squat test explanation & standards

34:30 – Joe provides additional insight on his “grading system”

41:00 – Chin-up test explanation & standards

47:40 – Push-up test explanation & standards

57:10 – Recap of WHY Joe chose Goblet Squats, Pull-ups & Push-ups as his “RSI” exercises

1:02:30 – “Kettlebell Mile” explanation & standards

1:06:05 – Joe talks about today’s other sponsor – MANSCAPED™

1:09:20 – Joe recommends 3 replacement exercises for the “BIG 3” (barbell bench/squat/deadlift) for endomorphs who want to improve their overall fitness (while remaining STRONG AF)


  • MANSCAPED™ Discount Code: JOED
  • Four Sigmatic Discount Code: JOED
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Thanks for listening!

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