Episode # 217

Attracting Famous Clients, Fixing Golfer’s Elbow, Go-To Exercises for Grapplers & MUCH MORE!!

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Released on May 30, 2019


0:10 – iTunes Review Contest Winner Announcement!

4:45 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

11:30 – What does Joe think about CrossFit deleting their Facebook & IG pages?

20:00 – Best business advice that Joe has ever received

25:45 – Doesn’t Triple H’s lack of sleep affect his ability to recover?

29:40 – Joe’s favorite “functional” bodyweight movements

35:35 – Go-To exercises for grapplers… Plus Joe’s favorite ice cream…and song(s) 🙂

44:40 – Should “general pop” clients train for Power?

49:35 – Joe’s fix for “golfer’s elbow”

1:01:15 – How do you effectively train both power & aerobic endurance for sports like rugby?

1:03:05 – Guidelines/Benefits of training while pregnant

1:08:05 – Best way to bring up lagging body parts

1:13:00 – Training after having a newborn baby/babies

1:17:00 – How do you land famous clients (like Triple H)?

1:21:25 – How long does it take to improve an athlete’s 40 or 60-yard dash time?

1:24:35 – Similarities & differences between training “general pop” clients vs athletes

1:28:40 – The most influential “non fitness” people that have impacted Joe’s life?

1:31:10 – How would Joe organize a summer football S&C program if kids have to train Monday through Thursday (w/ Friday, Saturday, Sunday off)

1:35:20 – Muscle-Up June Supplement $ale Announcement/Reminder


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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