Episode # 249

Must-Hear Training Advice for Youth Coaches/Parents, My Early Childhood Strength Influences & More!

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Released on January 16, 2020


0:50 – Joe reads winning iTunes reviews & gives away FREE STUFF!

4:40CPPS course announcement! (March 21/22 – Miami, FL)

The “first gym experience” should be appropriately challenging & fun for kids!

7:40Podcast begins / Show overview  

14:35 – The back story behind Joe’s twin daughter’s starting to train with him

22:30 – How to ensure a kid’s 1st workout/gym experience is a positive one

32:20 – Joe begins to reveals his “Youth Training guidelines”

39:00 – The exercises that Joe is NOT going to teach his 8-year-old girls

45:00 – Why tempo & eccentric strength is so important for kids/females

50:45 – The dangers of improperly conditioning young kids!!

1:03:15 – Why Joe is against early sport specialization

1:06:10 – Joe dispels the myth that “strength training can stunt a kid’s growth”

1:10:30 – The dangers of NOT strength training (once kids begin playing sports)

1:12:50 – The misconceptions associated with the term “strength training”

1:14:45 – Joe recaps his “Youth Training Guidelines”

1:19:50 – Joe reveals his early childhood strength influences 🙂


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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