Episode # 330

Remembering “The Guru”: A Tribute to Dr. Tom Bilella

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Released on August 12, 2021


1:15 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – HelloWater

5:35 – Show intro

20:00 – Joe shares his funniest Dr. Tom stories/memories

1:02:50 – Joe’s favorite “Bilella-isms” & most important lessons he learned from Dr. Tom

1:19:55 – Replay of Dr. Tom’s first podcast appearance begins [EP. 62 – May 26, 2016]

1:22:20 – The story of how Joe & Dr. Tom first met

1:27:35 – Dr. Tom’s “Nutrition Fundamentals” and the 4 phases of his nutrition program

1:30:10 – The 40 nutrients you need every day!

1:31:50 – Are you getting enough quality calories?

1:38:00 – The common mistake most athletes make when trying to get leaner

1:39:40 – Dr. Tom explains “nutrient timing”

1:40:20 – Dr. Tom’s first time telling the audience he was “1995 Mr. New Jersey, All-Natural” 🙂

1:43:40 – The biggest difference b/t athletes who eat for performance vs people who eat for health

1:46:45 – Dr. Tom explains his “3 rules for fat-burning”

1:47:20 – Is it bad to eat before bed?

1:54:20 – Dr. Tom talks about “the right way” vs “the wrong way” to cleanse the body

2:00:30 – The difference b/t a “food allergy” vs “food sensitivity”

2:05:20 – Dr. Tom lists the most common vitamin/mineral deficiencies

2:08:30 – 3 things you can start doing TODAY to improve your health!

2:14:15 – Dr. Tom’s final words of wisdom – “What should you do when all else fails?” [funny]


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  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
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Thanks for listening!

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