Episode # 101

The BEST Mobility Drill Nobody is Doing!

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Released on February 23, 2017


1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Blue Apron

3:45 – Joe thanks the audience for all their 5-star iTunes reviews

          Pull-ups/Chin-ups are one of the best predictors of sprinting speed

15:30 – Joe shares a story about the problem he had to deal with during this past weekend’s CPPS certification course

25:25 – Today’s Q&A FINALLY begins!  [For those of you who hate Joe D’s “small talk”, you’ll want to START HERE when listening to today’s podcast. 🙂 ]

25:40 – [QUESTION #1] “What’s the ONE Lower Body stretch or mobility drill you should NEVER skip, regardless of how pressed for time you are when you get to the gym?” 

36:10 – [QUESTION #2] “What are the best indicator exercises to predict sprinting speed when your facility isn’t large enough to sprint or push a prowler?” 

49:00 – [QUESTION #3] “How do you go about building your personal brand?”

62:45 – [QUESTION #4] “Do isometrics have any benefit for a 36-year-old washed-up meathead…”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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