Episode # 76

Are Deload Weeks Delaying Your Progress?

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Released on September 1, 2016

Joe steps off a plane and immediately jumps on the podcast to talk about his recent trip to the WWE Performance Center and Disney World. After the usual Joe D. “water cooler” talk, he reveals the topic of this weeks show – The “Deload” Week!



4:05 – #OperationRebuildJoeD update & recap of Joe’s trip to Orlando

5:55 – Joe gives “TMI” regarding today’s “co-host”…

8:10 – Joe talks about the time he spent at the WWE Performance Center

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15:30 – How did Disney World affect Joe’s diet & training?

17:30 – Joe gives his thoughts on Disney World being labelled “the most magical place on earth”

18:50 – The make-shift “office” that Joe created in his hotel bathroom

20:00 – Update regarding the 3 MAJOR projects Joe is working on right now

26:15 – Joe’s encounter with “Sal” at the airport [and how it lead to today’s podcast topic]

34:45 – What is a “deload week”?

35:55 – The 3 most common methods of deloading

41:15 – Joe begins to address Sal’s dilemma…

44:35 – The secret to coming back stronger after your deload

46:10 – Joe explains “neural primer” workouts and where they fit into your deload

47:25 – Specific example of a “neural primer” workout

58:15 – How often should you deload?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Excellent Article for Novice to grasp. I am relieved to have found this wonderful content here. I am grateful for the information. Continue to share further articles.

  2. Hey Joe great topic, I’ve read a few articles from Poliquin and he was recommending only reducing the volume by 40 to 60% during a deload week and keep the intensity high. So if you had to do 85% of your max for 5×4 for total 20 reps the week before, stay with 85% but cut it to like 8 reps. Then of course cut the assistance exercises back greatly as well. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks, love the show

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