Episode # 303

My 5 Favorite Ways to Program Supersets

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Released on February 4, 2021


1:00 – Intro | CPPS February registration announcement

6:00 – Joe’s Super Bowl 55 prediction

18:45 – Joe reads today’s training question…

25:05 – Tangent Alert! [Joe reveals the ONE TIME he purposely wastes time in the gym lol]

31:10 – Superset technique #1 [“Antagonistic” pairing]

34:25 – Superset technique #2 [“Same muscle group/Pre-exhaust” pairing]

38:30 – Superset technique #3 [“CNS Primer” pairing]

43:10 – Superset technique #4 [“Technique Enhancer/Movement Quality” pairing]

53:30 – Superset technique #5 [“Bring up your weakness/Accumulate volume”]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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