Episode # 151

Never-Before-Told Stories of Struggle From My First 5 Years in Business

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Released on February 8, 2018


4:05 – Joe reads the Instagram DM that prompted today’s show

14:30 – Story #1: Joe details his first 3 days in business… 

                                    15 YEARS STRONG

32:10 – Joe recaps the first lesson he learned from his first week in business

35:10 – Joe explains the weird process you go through with family & friends once you announce you’re taking the entrepreneurial plunge

40:00 – Story #2: Joe hires his first two employees…

51:20 – How did Joe survive when all his employees left?

53:45 – How NOT to run your business

58:15 – The one thing every gym (and hair salon) owner will have to deal with at some point in their business life

1:00:10 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Health I.Q.

1:04:45Story #3: Why you should “assume nothing” in business

1:18:30 Story #4: Joe gets accused of promoting violence towards women?!?

1:24:00 – Story #5: Joe gets sued for the first time

1:31:40 – Show conclusion


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe, I really want to pursue my wrestling dream and I was wonder if you can train me one day so I can be in the WWE. A role model I would like to be like is Liv Morgan. Thank you so much.

  2. Joe,

    I loved hearing the back stories! I can’t imagine how you felt when your, ” Best Friends”, turned on you. I and so many others are greatful that you worked through all the bull shit and came out on top! Five years from now you will be doing a podcast on , ‘ How I stayed on top in the last five years”!


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