Episode # 155

How To Create A Product That Jumps Out & Finds Your Customers w/ Paul Reddick

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Released on March 8, 2018


1:00 – Show overview

4:50 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hello Fresh  

“Selling” doesn’t mean you have to turn into this guy 🙂

9:50 – Joe introduces today’s other sponsor – Casper

13:00Paul Reddick joins the show…   

18:00 – How most guys try and solve their problems

24:10 – Where to first look if you want to improve your life

28:30 – How Paul got started in internet marketing

34:00 – The question that nobody wants to talk about

36:20 – How to determine what your first product should be

44:20 – How to create a product that stands out

46:50 – Powerful Quote: “It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what they get.”

47:45 – Appealing to the “masses” versus a smaller “niche audience”

51:10 – How to sell without sounding like a sleazy snake oil salesman

53:00 – Paul explains “The Death Shift”

1:00:00 – Paul talks about his upcoming Internet Marketing seminar

1:15:45 – The 2 major mistakes people make when starting an online business


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Thanks for listening!

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