POWER! DVD eXpLoDeS onto the scene today!

I’m sure everyone remembers the above promo video 🙂 After all the hype, preparation and hard work, the POWER! DVD is FINALLY complete and ready to ship to you! 

POWER!: Explosive Training For Athletic Domination

This DVD contains the following info…

  • Factors affecting Power
  • Power Specificity/Principle of Dynamic Correspondence
  • Optimal Percentages/Volume Considerations when Training for Power
  • Five Best Ways to Develop Power!
  • Comprehensive Medicine Ball Throw variations
  • Upper & Lower Body Plyometrics
  • Olympic Lift variations & other Dynamic Barbell exercises
  • Full Chapter on Transfer Training guidelines & Favorite Exercise Pairings
  • 10 Sample POWER! Workouts! 
  • A 30-page POWER! ebook w/ Sample Workouts is also located on the dvd and can easily be printed out! 
  • All video footage was taken during real workouts performed by College, Professional & Olympic Athletes! In other words; these are the actual exercises/workouts that were prescribed to achieve World-Class results in the REAL WORLD with REAL ATHLETES! 

*To learn more about this DVD and/or to purchase this product, goto our POWER sales page by clicking on the link below! (By the way, we received tons of requests regarding an AMPED/POWER! “combo package”…as you will see on our sales page, we answered your requests! Amped + POWER! = The perfect Combo!)

For those who purchase this product, drop me a comment below and let me know what you think…I have a feeling you’re going to like it!!

-Joe D. 


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