Episode # 216

Programming Box Jumps & Strongman Exercises, Plus a Unique Approach to Overcoming Imbalances!

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Released on May 23, 2019


1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – SAXX Underwear

5:15 – Joe introduces today’s other sponsor – Mark Bell’s Slingshot®

9:15 – Joe reads today’s 1st question re: Box Jump landing mechanics & set/rep schemes

15:00 – Joe talks about the original box jump video that created a snowball effect in the fitness industry

                The 2007 box jump video that “started it all”…

18:20 – Joe plays devils advocate and states his case as to why landing “out of position” isn’t always a bad thing

21:50 – Joe provides an example of programming box jumps for a basketball player looking to improve his vertical jump

25:30 – The box jump variation that has the highest carryover/correlation to your vertical jump height

28:50 – Joe compares 2 athletes’ box jump:vertical jump ratio

34:10 – Programming box jump sets & reps

36:20 – Using Prilepin’s Chart to program your box jumps

45:20 – Joe reads today’s 2nd question re: Strongman Training Benefits & Programming

46:50 – Why Joe loves strongman training

53:50 – Joe reveals his favorite strongman exercises and how you can incorporate them into your training

1:10:05 – Joe reads today’s 3rd question re: Overcoming strength imbalances between limbs

1:17:20 – Joe reviews his “old” advice (for overcoming imbalances) & then shares some NEW advice (for the overachievers who want to push themselves!)

1:23:00iTunes Review Contest Announcement! (Best iTunes review will be read on next week’s show & receive a FREE t-shirt!)


  • Mark Bell’s Sling Shot® Discount code: JoeD
  • SAXX Underwear Promo Code: JoeD
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Thanks for listening!

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