As many of you know, our World’s Strongest Athlete Contest is less than one week away!! On Saturday, July 17th, some of the toughest and strongest athletes from across the globe will gather at Overtime Sports Facility in Wayne, NJ, to battle it out for the title of World’s Strongest Athlete“!

Before Saturday’s event, I wanted to post some important reminders:

#1) ALL competitors must bring a check made out to “World’s Strongest Athlete, LLC” or $75 cash in order to compete!!!

#2) You cannot compete unless you registered online!

#3) We recommend ALL COMPETITORS arrive at 11:00am so they have time to register, get settled, etc. The contest will start at 12:00!

#4) All spectators are welcome…we recommend getting there early because we’re expecting a capacity crowd!


Our athletes have been training their asses off all summer in preparation of this event…it should be a great show!


See you guys at Overtime Sports Facility (321 Hamburg Turnpike) in Wayne, NJ, on Saturday!


All proceeds from WSA will be donated to the MS Society

-Joe D.



Just in case you guys thought I’ve been “slacking” this summer due to my lack of blog posts; here’s some updates regarding what’s been occupying my time:


In order to better serve our athletes, we’ve moved next door (literally) into a 6000 square foot warehouse! Although this move was no easy task, it’s finally starting to come together, and the finished product will be SECOND TO NONE! Here’s a sneak peak at our new location…


The new “Mecca” of athletic training
740/750 Braen Ave., Wyckoff, NJ 07481

We are still waiting on some equipment deliveries and other “toys”…when everything arrives, I will be posting a virtual tour of the new facility. I’ve also spoken with Dave Tate regarding a potential mega-seminar at my new facility in the fall! Stay tuned…

-Joe D.


AMPED WARM-UP DVD/MANUAL is complete & will be available soon!



I am EXTREMELY excited about this product!! As many of you know, I’m not one of these “trainers” that puts out a new product every other week. My days are spent in the gym, training athletes — that’s how I make my living. But, when I feel that there’s information that’s super-high quality, proven, & worthwhile for athletes/coaches around the world, I’ll put out a product. Such was the case when Smitty from the Diesel Crew contacted me a couple months ago regarding a dvd/manual specifically geared towards warming up and preventing injury/improving performance!

One of the things that myself and Smitty discussed was how much interest our “warm-up” youtube videos received! For example, my lax ball myofacial release video generated more interest than many of my “performance” videos! Likewise, Smitty’s Ultimate 2-Minute Shoulder Warm-up still stands out to me as one of the most valuable youtube videos on his channel…I still personally use it with many of my athletes!

So we decided to put together a comprehensive product on this often overlooked – and misunderstood –  aspect of performance. After months of brainstorming, filming, writing and taking pictures; we ended up with AMPED WARM-UP! The final product consists of a kick-ass, instructional DVD & 300-page manual!!

Check out this video to learn more about the specifics of AMPED

This product is now complete and we’re just waiting on our first batch of packages to arrive! It will be for sale at in the very near future! Subscribe to my FREE newsletter (in the upper/right hand corner of this page) to receive an email when AMPED is released!

-Joe D.


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