Episode # 158

World-Class Powerlifter Chad Aichs Speaks Openly About His Depression, Insomnia & Suicidal Thoughts

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Released on March 29, 2018


1:00 – Joe makes an announcement regarding next week’s show

7:45 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Casper 

10:35 – Chad Aichs joins the show…  

19:00 – How Chad’s sleep issues started

26:40 – How Chad managed to train on no sleep

30:05 – Chad opens up about his first dealings with depression & suicidal thoughts

33:35 – The effect that training had on Chad’s depression & mood 

36:00 – How Dave Tate helped Chad shift his mindset towards training/recovery

40:40 – Chad tells the story of his “rock bottom” moment

48:50 – How Chad is currently doing

54:50 – Depression – how much is a “choice” vs “chemical”

58:10 – The effect testosterone had on Chad’s mood

1:00:00 – How Vitamin D helped Chad

1:01:20 – Supplementing with pregnenolone

1:04:25 – Chad’s training advice to powerlifters who are susceptible to anxiety/sleep disorders

1:07:00 – The first step a lifter should take if they’re currently dealing w/ anxiety

1:11:00 – The importance of “slowing down”

1:14:45 – The importance of mobility as we age

1:16:35 – Chad’s current training & what he sees in his future


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Thanks for listening!

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