Episode # 56

Triple H Podcast Follow Up [Q&A w/ Joe D.]

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Released on April 7, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe answers some popular follow-up questions pertaining to last weeks podcast interview with Triple H.



13:35 – Joe reads the first question of today’s podcast TripleH-MF-Cover-2016-CROP

15:15 – Joe gives his thoughts on “training til failure” & talks about how Triple H hasn’t “missed a rep” in 5+ years

19:32 – Joe discusses the importance of “variety” within your program and how he keeps things “fun” for Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

31:30 – Joe talks about the benefits of training without a lifting belt

40:50 – Joe explains why Triple H no longer uses “lifting straps” and shares an easy way to incorporate grip training into your existing program

50:50Joe reads the second question of today’s podcast

51:10 – Joe gives the low-down on the extra cardio sessions that were added to Triple H’s program [in order to achieve single-digit bodyfat levels for Wrestlemania]

55:30Joe reads the third question of today’s podcast

55:55 – Joe explains some of the things Triple H did to help speed up the recovery process between workouts

63:05 – Joe reads the fourth question of today’s podcast

65:30 – Joe shares Triple H’s training split leading up to Wrestlemania 32

73:10 – Joe wraps up today’s podcast


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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great podcast, so much awesome info. Regarding all the band workouts Triple H does, what bands does he use? I know you talked about Savage Bands a couple of years ago, will they be available to buy from your site? Thanks for all you do.

  2. Thanks Joe. Was great to hear the behind the scene story of “Remaking the Game”. You guys did an amazing job preparing for Wrestlemania. Stephanie McMahon looked phenomenal as well.
    I don’t know how you will be able to top the last 2 podcasts. However I have faith in you!

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