Episode # 30

The TRUTH About Six-Pack Abs! [You’ve Been Lied To]

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Released on September 24, 2015


On this weeks show, Joe cuts through all of the fitness industry bullsh*t and reveals the TRUTH regarding core training & developing “six-pack” abs. While listening to this podcast you will learn:

  • The #1 function of the core [knowing this will have a dramatic affect on your training]
  • Why 99% of the core training DVD’s and resources in the fitness industry are “missing the boat” regarding true core training
  • Why athletes weren’t allowed to take off their shirt at DeFranco’s Gym in New Jersey unless they weighed over 200 pounds 🙂
  • The method & the madness behind Joe D’s simple [yet highly effective] “Core Training Pyramid”
  • Why you should re-learn how to breathe and the huge implications it will have on your core strength, mobility, and your ability to recover between workouts
  • Practical & Proven ways to incorporate “diaphragmatic breathing” into your workouts and everyday life [without wasting valuable training time or boring the hell out of yourself]

Stretching breathing podcast ep30

  • Why learning how to “brace” properly just may be the best core “exercise” you can do


  • Why “anti-movement patterns” should represent the majority of your direct core work in the gym


  • Why “loaded carries” are a staple in all of Joe D’s programs – whether he’s training an athlete or “average Joe”


All this plus Much MUCH MORE! 


I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks show!  If you have any questions – or you’d like to add to the podcast conversation – drop me a comment below.

Thanks again for listening!

Joe D. 



Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Man, I am listening to this podcast in 2020 and let me tell you: The amount of knowledge that you dropped here is freaking me out. I’ve been doing all this stuff at the gym for years and it is always so hard to convince people that doing 500 crunches per day is gonna do nothing for them. I workout with my friend and when I am no looking at him, the motherfucker is doing fucking crunches because he “wants to improve his core strength”, so now I am sharing this podcast with him on Spotify and you will put that skinny bastard on his place.
    I wish I was listening to this in 2015…
    Keep doing what you do! you are a game-changer.

  2. Hello
    I live in Moscow Russia is it possible to take the online cpps course here?
    i can’t open the cops website
    Love all your views on training would love to get certified
    thank you

  3. Shaun – You are right on point…MMA athletes definitely need more “movement” exercises to compliment the “anti-movements” in their program.
    Great question/feedback.

  4. Brandon – I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your story…I know EXACTLY what you’re going through (and I feel awful for you and your wife). It truly is a criminal process….they fuck over the “good guys” because THEY fucked up a few years back and gave loans to a bunch of people who shouldn’t have gotten them. (Why should you and I be tortured for THEIR mistakes?!) And those underwriters are pieces of SHIT. (We were never allowed to talk to our underwriter…we have no idea who he or she is – all we know is that they would keep fucking us over, lying, keeping us waiting, etc.)
    I’m glad to announce that our story had a happy ending (we FINALLY closed and moved into our new house 2 nights ago…although it wasn’t easy.) FYI, while we were at the closing with keys in our hand, the underwriter called and wanted MORE proof of where the $ for my down-payment check came from…even though they had up-to-date bank statements on EVERY SINGLE ONE of my accounts. We were supposed to be home from the closing at 4:30, yet they kept us at the closing until 9pm – making us email them copies of receipts and accounts that we had already sent them 10X before. It was unbelievable. My wife’s sister sat outside on the street of our “new” house with our 4-year-old daughters for 5 HOURS because of the delay and the underwriter busting our balls one last time. (We were literally homeless at that point because we sold our condo earlier that morning.) I really thought they were going to fuck us over right there at the closing. Thankfully, it ended in a positive manner, but those bastards definitely took about 10 years off my life.
    Thanks again for sharing your story with me. I truly hope things work out for you and your wife. Stay strong and don’t let those fuckers get the best of you. Things will work out in the end.

  5. Hey Joe D,
    Listening to your recent podcasts I couldn’t help but find interest in your stories about buying a house as a business owner. I too had a rough time trying to buy a house, as I too am a gym owner. And seeing as the “Industrial Nation” seems to be your self-assigned therapy I thought I would share my story with you, and maybe it would make you feel a little better.

    My fiance and I tried buying a home around February in hopes that it will have closed by April, which was when our wedding was, so that we would be able to hold our reception at our new house. Our original close date was end of March, perfect right? So along with trying to plan moving into this house, and out of our apartment, we also had our wedding and reception to plan. The wedding was mid-April and was just the two of us in Hawaii and the reception would be with our families and friends when we got back home.

    The end of March comes and we haven’t heard anything from our loan officer at our bank. We make calls, we try to get meetings and its like pulling teeth just to get word on the latest news. Finally the loan officer comes clean and tells us that we aren’t approved for the loan. Now we have wasted a month waiting around for them to have the balls to tell us this news. Then they counter with this whacky plan on how we can still manage 2 different loans through them and they will still close before our wedding. Tempted by getting this house that we really wanted, and not having our reception plans scraped, we went for it.

    But before moving forward with this loan, my loan agent contacted the underwriting department to make sure that they could use my current wages and current year to date for my small business. She called underwriting with myself, my wife, and the bank manager all present. The response was that they could use my current wages as long as I provided a certified public accountant to prepare a current year-to-date Profit and Loss statement for my business. My wife & I located an accountant who prepared it within 2 days, which is INCREDIBLE and presented it to the bank. The loan then moved forward to another obstacle. We were asked to pay off all of our credit cards. We did that and then moved onto the next task which was proving that we had ample funds in our accounts. That is the nice way of saying they wanted us to suddenly have $5,000 dollars extra in our account. Really? AFTER you made us pay off all of our credit cards now we are suppose to come up with 5 grand?! My wife’s parents were kind enough to “gift” us this $5,000 with the intent of us giving it right back once we got the house.

    After jumping through all of these hoops it was time for us to go on our Hawaii wedding/honeymoon. I asked specifically if they would be able to close the house or not because I didn’t want to get a call while on my honeymoon saying that they couldn’t. The loan officer promised me that they would have it closed by the time we got back. I think you know where this is going… I get a call on our last day in Hawaii telling us that they couldn’t close the house. Way to end a perfect vacation.

    So we arrive home fresh from getting married and have to worry about finding a new location for our reception, which we already sent invites out with the new home address. So to sum it up, the lesson I learned is to never get a loan with U.S. Bank.

    I sympathize with you about trying to get a house and all of the frustrations that it entails for gym owners. You worded it beautifully when you said “criminal” is how they treat you. I’ve never felt so embarrassed and dicked around. We are still living in our same apartment and now have a child on the way. We plan on trying the house thing again this new year.

    The struggle is real for us business owners, hopefully that made you feel a little better Joe D. Keep up the GREAT podcasts and we will all make it through the tough times.

  6. Hi Joe,

    Great show, as always. I just had a quick question. You talk about why anti-movement is so important because that’s the main role of the trunk in most sports. I definitely agree with this, and anti-movement and loaded carries are a huge part of what we do. However, we’ve recently started working with more MMA athletes, and their sport contains a lot of creating movement with the core rather than just resisting it.
    So my question is, would you agree that these guys need movement exercises as well as anti-movement? I’ve still been getting them to pallof press, sandbag carry etc, but I’ve also been doing landmines, Turkish sit-ups, woodchoppers etc.
    Sorry if you covered this in Hardcore, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. I probably need to pull it off the shelf again.


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