Episode # 20

Makin’ GAINZ After Age 40

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Released on July 16, 2015

Joe dedicates this weeks entire episode to the Washed-up Meathead. He shares 6 simple changes that the 40+ crowd can incorporate into their workouts in order to keep making gains well into their golden years 🙂

While listening to the show, you will learn:  

  • The difference between “training to warm up” & “warming up to train” and how each affects your health & performance
  • Are you guilty of doing “summadeez”, aka, the most popular (yet worthless) warm-up exercise in history?
  • Joe D’s 5-step approach to a complete warm-up
  • How to replace the majority of your max-effort work with sub-maximal work – yet still get STRONG!
  • The importance of reducing the amount of direct spinal loading in your program once you hit 40
  • Joe D’s favorite “joint-friendly” methods for getting JACKED!
  • The importance of planning your recovery just like you plan your workouts
  • Why Joe changed his views on aerobic exercise and what this means to YOU!
  • The one question that EVERYONE should ask themselves before EVERY supplement purchase! (If you’re not asking yourself this question it could have MAJOR implications on your health and your life.) 

All this plus more training tips, tricks and random tidbits 🙂 

– Joe D.


PS – I want to know what you guys thought of this weeks episode! I also want to know what supplements YOU take for your overall HEALTH? Drop me a comment below!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Congratulations, you literally wrote probably one of the best posts I’ve seen in this space in forever. If your blog isn’t already rocking it, it definitely will if you keep making sweet posts like these.

  2. Joe, thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. You don’t know how much it means to me to hear back from you. You have my wife in tears, ha ha. The fact that you took time out of your day to offer me some encouragment just re-enforces why you are the best in the business. Because you truly care about what you do. I will keep you posted, and if things go well and I start feeling better at some point in the future I hope to be able to get enrolled in one of you and Smitty’s CPPS certifications. Thanks again for all that you do!

  3. Dave Chavez,
    After reading your comment I felt compelled to hop on here and send you a quick note… I was really touched by your story. (Thank you for sharing it.) Hearing how your doctors gave you 3 separate opinions, along with their lack of caring, really hit home for me. There is no worse feeling in the world than being in pain, yet doctors can’t figure out WHY you’re in pain, nor do they CARE!! (It’s an awful, lonely, depressing feeling…and I’VE BEEN THERE brother. You’re certainly not alone.)
    With that being said, I’m so pumped that Jill & Kelly’s advice (along with the podcast in general) has been of some help to you. STAY CONSISTENT WITH YOUR MOBILITY & SOFT TISSUE SELF CARE, EAT A CLEAN DIET, DRINK PLENTY OF PURE SPRING WATER and you’ll be just fine. (Fu*k the doctors who blew you off!)

    Thanks again for your comment and your support of the podcast (and the DeFranco brand in general). I really appreciate it.

    Please keep us posted on how you’re feeling!
    Joe D.

  4. This might have been the most important podcast yet. This was information that no one seeks out until they are injured. Thank you for getting it out there early so that guys in their 20s and 30s, especially those in the “washed up meathead” category, will take the hint before it’s too late. As far as a supplement for overall health, I go back a Joe D. recommendation from 2009. Amazing Grass Green Superfood. You can’t go wrong getting your greens everyday, plus the lemon lime flavor has just enough caffeine to get you going in the morning without the coffee buzz. The energy is clean and I have been making two scoops a part of my morning routine for years, so thank you for that as well.

    Sean Gdula

  5. The reference to summadeez literally almost made me spit out my drink. Personally I prefer Limber 11 before every training session (even if it is strictly upper body).

    Educational. That’s the best way to sum up these podcasts – I always learn something.

    Greatly appreciate it Joe.

  6. Coach Joe,

    This isn’t so much a comment about this week’s show (which as usual was awesome and really informative) this is more about the Industrial Strength show in general. Ive been working in the fitness industry since I was 17 (10 years now) and I originally trained in sports psychology and in the early years trained a few elite athletes, but unfortunately suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, which stopped me training as much as I used to and really effected my confidence and passion for the industry. I started my own company and got into the management side now employing 4 trainers to work for me.

    Anyway… Your show has ignited my passion for this industry again and using your teachings, as well as those of Kelly Starrett and Jill Miller I’m now back to training hard around the chronic fatigue and training smart! I’m now looking into funding to open my own facility that will be based on your style and that of Onnit (total human optimisation) as I have a variety of specialists on staff now.

    So basically this is a long thank you and I can’t wait for the CPPS Course to go online so I can take it immediately! You’ve genuinely changed my life for and the better.

    Thank you again,


  7. Another great podcast. Loved hearing your insight into the duration of the warm up

  8. Joe,
    Anything you and James Smith have produced over the years is just pure gold. I came across you on fit nation many years ago training David Diehl (I believe). Being a “washed up meathead”, I compete in natural bodybuilding, but use the methods you and Smith provide. Bodybuilding is the most boring way to train. I can not thank you enough for all of the information you have provided over the years. I am a die hard pod cast follower. Every Friday I am off from work listening to the gold you provide while cutting the grass or doing the CRAP my girlfriend lines me up with. I appreciate your dedication in every way. Keep up the amazing work on the pod casts!

  9. Joe, I am a loyal listener to all your podcasts. They all have been fabolous. For me this one ranked up there with your mom, Jill Miller, and Kelly Starrett as my favorites. I have been a Joe D disciple going back many years. I own a small gym in a small town, and I am also a high school football coach and I share all the knowledge you have shared with me over the years with my gym members and my athletes to help them succeed in achieving their goals. Using the knowledge learned from you over the years I was able to attain levels of strength and fitness I never dreamed possible. About a year ago at the age of 41 I was as strong and as fit as I have ever been in my life. Unfortunately around that time some things went very wrong with my health. Over the past several months I have had chronic pain issues in numerous areas of my body that have gradually become worse. I have 3 different opinions from 3 different dr’s (fibro, osteoarthritis, human parvovirus). I figure it’s probably a combination of all three things, not really sure. The worst part about it is all 3 dr’s showed no interest in helping me find a way to manage the pain. Not having a plan of attack along with the fear of losing my ability to do all the things I love in this world lead me into a really bad depression. You may not believe this but these podcasts, along with my wife’s support have played a big part in helping me get out of a very dark place. Listening to stories from people who are battling worse things than me like your mom, made me realize where there is a will there is a way. Your interviews with Kelly Starrett and Jill Miller have given me hope that i can find a way to fix my body and ease my pain. I have bought and read Jill Millers book and I just started Kelly Starretts. I am a Coregous ball and therapy ball disciple. Your training advise for us 40 yr old skinny bastards was just what I needed to hear today and I just want to say thank you for all you do. The medical community may not be willing to give me a plan to beat my problems but the knowledge gained from you, Jill Miller, and Kelly Starrett makes me feel like I I have a good plan in place to beat the challenges I am facing.

  10. loved the over 40 podcast being an over 40 meathead myself. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for every single information you provide on your website. It is very much appreciated and i’m learning a lot.
    This week’s episode was informative and very explicite. This is exactly what I need when listening to a podcast as im very visual guy when it comes to learning. I almost had an accident (as i was driving) while listening to the podcast when you mentionned “rhinocerus testicular creme”….man i couldn’t stop laughing!!! Where did you come up with that name.

    Thank you again and keep up the good work.

  12. Joe,
    First thanks for the fat gripz! It was awesome to be the first comment on the new site, which is awesome. Happy belated birthday too by the way. Thank you for putting out another great podcast I really enjoyed listening to your insight on training as you age. I am only 26 but, I am a little beat up/washed up and feel that much of what you discussed can apply to a younger population too. I am guilty of performing the summadeez warm up routine for many years before my body really started to get beat to crap. The Limber 11 has been a godsend since I started to put more emphasis on mobility and warming up so thanks for taking the time to put that down on paper and on video. I think that Dan John does a great job breaking down what training should look like as we get older too. Specifically when he speaks about the tonic and phasic muscles. The Tonic muscles(chest, hip flexors, biceps, hamstings) are the muscles that become tight and stiff as we age and need to be addressed with targeted mobility work and the phasic muscles(triceps, delts, glutes, upper and mid back) being the ones that become weaker as we age and should take priority in training. I think that hypertrophy should become more of a priority due to the fact that we lose 3-5% of our muscle per decade after the age of 30. For strength work do you think that using the lightened method described in the WSB Book of Methods would be a good option for your strength training days without crushing your joints? A couple of thoughts and a question for you or anyone else. Thanks for some great info.

  13. Hey Joe,

    Great show this week, awesome rant on Warming up especially the stationary bike before barbell squatting (yes I am guilty of it, that was my warm up I use to do :)) )
    The info was very eye opening…see basic info u get listening to this podcast it will save you from having a permanent duck’s ass.
    Thank u Joe for the show this week bro

  14. Joe,
    Loved this podcast! I am a huge fan of your, ” Built to Last ” program. This podcast answered every question I had about it. At 45 years young I am stronger, leaner and PAIN FREE for the first time in years. I am living proof that the tips you gave today work. Any one who says you cant train hard and not get hurt in your 40’s has no clue what they are taking about. “B2L” works, and your awesome free content is worth millions!!

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