Episode # 58

Death to the “Participation Trophy”!

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Released on April 21, 2016

In this week’s episode, Joe answers your training questions! TOPICS INCLUDE: Treadmill Sprints – The Good, Bad & Ugly; Effective uses of the “speed ladder” [which leads to a tangent on winning, losing & “participation trophies”]; How important is “the pump” when training for hypertrophy; Joe D’s favorite workout “finishers”; The one thing Joe D. hates about the popular “wall sit” exercise, and much Much MORE! 


1:00 – Joe announces the launch of the CPPS Level 2 Online Certification course

4:15 – Joe gives the listeners some insight into his upcoming week of events

9:25 – Joe informs the audience on how/where they can send him questions to be answered on the podcast

14:30  Joe shares a conversation he recently had with an NFL linebacker regarding the good, bad, and ugly aspects of performing treadmill sprints

26:35 – Joe answers a follow-up question from last weeks podcast – Are there any other viable uses for the “speed ladder” [besides attempting to improve agility] in an athlete’s program?    participation-trophy-crop

31:00  Joe begins his tangent on Winning, Losing, and the dreadful “Participation Trophy” 

41:00 – How Joe D. used a game of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” to help teach his kids a valuable life lesson [true story!]

50:05  Joe continues to discuss some of his favorite ways to use the “speed ladder”

56:40  How important is “the pump” during your workout [when hypertrophy is your #1 goal]?

63:20 – Joe D. explains his stance on adding “finishers” to the end of your workout

68:55 – Joe lists some of his all-time favorite workout “finishers”

70:40 – Joe talks about the one thing he hates the most about the popular “wall sit” exercise

73:45 – Joe reveals his favorite alternative exercise to the “wall sit”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Thanks for the free podcast, too.

    The info that I get from here has helped both myself and a few of my athletes with their training.

  2. Joe,

    I have a few questions expanding on your thoughts of the prowler and treadmill with speed training. I’ve heard different things from different strength coaches. I coach hs football, and have some athletes that are going to BCS schools and some that are already playing for some. They’ve told me that they’ve heard different viewpoints from their college strength coaches.

    Do you make your athletes try to mimic how the legs would move during a sprint, white pushing the prowler (dorsiflexed foot with a butt kick to a high knee)? Or, is there another technique or cues that you use?

    What are your thoughts regarding the shred mill type treadmills that require the runner to move the belt through their own power? I used to use the regular treadmills from woodway that could go around 17 miles per hour, and I agree that it has an unnatural feel. Almost as if you’re floating on the belt, since you’re not really pushing from the ground. It doesn’t train the foot proprioception that’s required while running.

    Looking forward to next weeks show.

    WSFSBs helped me be not so skinny anymore. Thanks for that.

  3. Dan,
    Thanks for the feedback! (I started “LOL-ing” when I read about your sons competing to see who can get dressed the fastest because our girls do that too haha. EVERYTHING’S a competition!! lol)
    Regarding your question – I will answer it on this weeks upcoming podcast. I have to head out in less than 5min and don’t want to just give you a quick, bullshit answer (especially because I don’t think I’ve ever adressed improving your mile-time on my podcast or blog.) So tune in Thursday and I’ll do my best to help you out!!

  4. Joe, loved the show! I have 2 competitive young sons (not twins) that are always competing to win against eachother, even who can get dressed the fastest, so I can relate to the hippos story.

    Treadmill sprints: so glad you touched on this, I’ve been thinking about this one in my own training.

    Finishers: I’ve had ‘the pleasure’ to enjoy some of your finishers in BLABA and some of your fun ideas in SB911, one of your finishers in BLABA was running a mile AFAP, this brings me to my question:
    Top recommendations for improving 1 mile or 1.5 mile time??? I already to my squats, deads, and jumps, having been following your stuff for awhile. Thanks again, as always! Dan

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