Episode # 226

From High-Tech Sport Science to the Bare Essentials: How Chad Dennis produces consistent results!

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Released on August 1, 2019


0:00 – Show intro

4:25 – Muscle Up August [supplement sale] announcement!

9:25 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – SAXX Underwear

13:30Joe introduces Chad Dennis / Podcast begins…

15:00 – The difference between the sport science and strength & conditioning staffs at the pro level

26:00 – Balancing data with observation

30:10 – Examples of how to effectively use GPS data to improve training/programming

33:10 – What single piece of data/technology has the greatest impact on improving  health/performance?

36:00 – The power of communication

39:00 – The link between health & performance

41:30 – The importance of “speaking your clients language”

46:40 – Chad’s [unusual] training philosophy

54:30 – The bare essentials that every weight room needs

58:20 – One of the biggest mistakes most young coaches/gym owners make when equipping their gym

1:00:50 – The greatest thing Cameron has learned from working with Joe D.

1:02:55 – The importance of context 

1:07:00 – The difference between working out vs training 

1:12:00 – Chad discusses his new role as the Head Performance Coach of the XFL’s Seattle team


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  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hey this is more for Cameron… when is the book you and Dr. Connolly coming out or is it already? I was using the Google machine and I cannot find it.

    Joe D. just keep making great content and I will keep buying t-shirts.. My wife says I have a problem…

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